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Exalead Desktop is a free desktop search engine for your PC, web and more
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Exalead Desktop is an application that supports the ability to index and search content held on your hard disk drives as well as in the Internet. It uses your default browser to enter search strings and presents the results in a similar form to Google on the web. A rapid launch window is also provided in your task bar to support a quick launch of the application within a browser window.

A background task indexes your disk drive for a rapid retrieval of any file (including content summary) via the use of search terms. The results can be further refined using file types, date, size, authors and language via the right hand column in the results window.

As well as common file types (Word, Excel, text, HTML, PDF, etc.), the application will index e-mails held on your disk drive. This includes Outlook, Exchange, Thunderbird and Lotus Notes. The interface also allows rapid switching to Internet search for the terms entered.

Once the results list is returned, the browser based interface supports preview mode, which provides a snippet of the selected file in the results window with the search terms highlighted. Furthermore, you can then seek out each of the terms using the ‘next’ and ‘previous’ buttons in the preview window.

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  • Google-like interface means less time getting familiar with it
  • Indexes hard drive contents in background while PC is idle, so there is no impact on operational use
  • Supports indexing a preview of most files types and email applications, including Lotus Notes
  • Allows rapid switching between desktop and Internet search right from the search window


  • A little slow starting up from the task bar launcher at times
  • Does not maintain a search history to refer back to
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